Here at Overland Adventures we have been operating tours for both passengers in our vehicles and tag-along participants for over 4 years.

Tag-along tours come in many shapes and sizes, so to speak. But from our perspective the best way to tag-along is when just about everything is done for you — otherwise what are you really paying for? One of the many myths about tag-along tours is that if you are driving your own vehicle, you will also be camping the whole time, and as much as we all love camping, not everyone is up for doing the hard yards involved every night.

On a tag-along with Overland Adventures you bring your own suitably prepared 4WD vehicle -—and that doesn't mean that it has to have every accessory available on the market fitted to it — we will let you know what you really do need. You will need to bring your camp gear for the nights where camping is involved. This doesn't have to be a huge expense to you — maybe a rooftop tent, a swag &/or tent, you may already have a camper trailer — this decision is entirely based on what you are comfortable with. Many of our tours are fully accommodated, so you won't even have to consider camp equipment — just sit back and enjoy driving the outback in your own 4WD.


On the other side of the coin we will bring along all the food for your tour, and no, it doesn't just come out of a can. Each day we will fill you up with great breakfasts, morning tea, lunch, dinner and desert — and even some pre dinner nibbles on camp nights. We organize and book all your accommodation and meals whilst on tour, arrange any permits required, provide you with plenty of pre trip information, provide a full commentary along the way and most importantly provide the back up and support you will need if you are new to off road or dirt road driving. Our Director Jonathan Oliver is an 4WD specialist, not only is he a highly skilled mechanic, he has been involved in running his own fancies business for ARB for more than 15 years — so 4WDing is our forte, and we are here to make sure you have a safe and confident tag-along experience.

logoOne essential item you will need in your vehicle is a UHF radio, so that you can ask questions along the way, hear the commentary, chat to other members of the group, and ask for assistance if you need it. You're not out there on your own, you're with friends – you will find by the end of your tour we will all be one big happy family. On nights when we are in accommodation we all have meals together at a pre-organised location, and on camp nights just set up your camp gear and sit back around the communal camp fire, enjoy a drink and chat with your new friends, and let us prepare a great camp dinner for the whole group under a magnificent outback sky.

Being based in Broken Hill and Wentworth NSW "we know this land like outback of our hand" and consider the amazing people who live here to be great friends, not just business acquaintances — let us introduce you to our friends in the outback. Learn about the native flora and fauna from our guides who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you.

Why not join us on as a tag-along on our 12 Day Simpson Desert Crossing — places fill quickly so book soon.

Or you may opt to join us on a tag-along on one of our other extended tours to Birdsville, Innamincka, Mungo, the Flinders Ranges or the Corner Country.

We highly recommend full travel insurance for all tours.

If you're new to the world of 4 wheel driving, but still keen to take on all the exciting adventures that you've read about or seen on TV, then Overland Adventures is the place to start!

The friendly team offer bespoke, group and tag along tours and experiences from Outback Regional NSW.

Accommodation, food and touring is all included. Overland Adventures organise and book all your accommodation and meals whilst on tour, arrange any permits required, entertain you with full commentary along the way and most importantly provide the back up and support you'll if you're new to off road or dirt road driving.

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